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Student Membership

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Student Membership to APS UK

  • Certificate of membership
  • Registration discount at PharmSci Conference and on training and scientific events.
  • Attend Industrial Insights – a showcase of the opportunities available to new scientists in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Attend PharmaFocus Day – industrial visits, giving an insight into what happens in a pharmaceutical company
  • Opportunity to be a APS Representative – role to enhance your CV and connect your university to the APS
  • Opportunity to be a committee member of the APS New Scientist Focus Group
  • Present research work at the PharmSci Conference
  • Increase employability in the Pharmaceutical industry
  • Active forum to raise profile and Increase opportunities.

For any membership renewal issues, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

Student Membership To The APS

What can the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences do for you?
Hear from other student members on their experiences of APS

A students journey with the APS

University of Nottingham undergraduate student

“I first found out about the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences from an email from one of the academics in my School highlighting an ‘Industrial Insights’ opportunity. A career in industry factored into a large part of my decision to study pharmacy at University so I jumped at the idea

The speakers at the Industrial Insights conference broadened my understanding of the roles within the industrial sector and I was given the unique chance to tour the pharmaceutical plant where the conference was hosted. The experience gave me a more holistic view into how the medicines I work with had been created. The numerous processes and teamwork that went into each drug astounded me”.

APS and supporting career opportunities in Industry

I know that is easy to say and it can takes years to find what you’re really interested in, but if there’s one thing to take from this, it’s about educating yourself about what’s out there and making contacts. The general perception of industry is that it is an impossible door to open and that puts many people off. But at the end of the day, it is a network of people all with a passion about what they do. If you seize opportunities and share your interests, you unlock a utopia.

The APS can provide you with these opportunities to make those valuable connections and help you decide if industry is right for you. It’s really helped kick start my career, I can’t urge you enough to get involved and join today.

Undergraduate student attending PharmSci

I have two highlights from the conference, maybe three if you don’t discount that I didn’t have to make my own lunch!

First, the opportunity I was given to sit in on the skin workshop which was chaired by the leader of the Skin Focus Group. This was invaluable as it drew my attention to some areas of research that I have been struggling to find any literature on for my undergraduate research project. I was able to network with professionals who are the top of their fields and I have been enlightened by their interest and advice to support my project.

My second highlight was as the conference drew to a I found myself having a conversation with a lady who I later discovered used to be the Chairman of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (as you do).

APS student member attending Industrial Insights.

“The APS Industrial Insights Conference was an excellent opportunity to network and speak to many people about their different careers related to industrial pharmacy and I would love to attend another APS event. It can be quite difficult to organise work experience / placements in the pharmaceutical industry however the conference allowed me to speak to scientists who worked in a variety of industries and learn more about how their career paths lead them to where they are now.”

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