Welcome to the Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products Focus Group

Our Focus Group explores the development, manufacture, regulation and clinical use of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs). This includes medicinal products that are based on gene therapy, somatic cell therapy or tissue engineering.

We bring together individuals from a range of disciplines from academia to industry to reflect the unique challenges that are presented by this exciting area of pharmaceutical sciences and welcomes those who are interested in this area.

The Focus Group is currently represented by academic staff and a range of individuals from Pharmaceutical companies including Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer. Bespak, Arecor and Envigo. Many of our members have interests that span other focus groups and we welcome opportunities to work together to provide bespoke day courses and facilitate the contribution of breaking news in our area of expertise at our annual conference.

What are Advanced Therapeutics and Medicinal Products (ATMPs)?

Advanced therapeutics and medicinal products (ATMPs) include new ptherapeutic products that are typically based on gene therapy somatic cell therapy or tissue engineering. It presents new opportunities for the therapeutic resolution of medical problems that have either been beyond the scope of traditional small molecule drugs or they may offer a more effective treatment regimen. It also presents new challenges in our understanding of design, analysis, manufacture, dosing, delivery and biological monitoring of this complex group of medicines.

Meet the ATMPs Focus Group

Dr Zahra Rattray
Focus Group Co-Leader
Chris van der Walle
Focus Group Co-Leader
Nour Allahham
Focus Group Member

why you should get involved?

Do you work or have any specialist knowledge or interest in this area? If so, then we would love you to join us and contribute to our plans.
We would like to undertake a review of current education provision of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products and Biotherapeutics in the
delivery of the Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science degree and secure sponsorship for Essay competition entitled
Towards Patient-centred Biotherapeutics