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Our most recent contribution was in the form of a scientific session entitled Biotherapeutics, vaccines and parenterals (APS International PharmSci, September 2019), in collaboration with the parenteral focus group, where we looked at multi-attribute testing for biotherapeutics, and the analytical challenges of using adeno-associated viruses as gene delivery systems.

The ATMP focus group is interested in the following areas:

1. Advanced materials and/or devices for targeted/localised delivery systems
2. Novel characterisation tools and control strategy for biotherapeutics for nanoparticles and cells.
3. Challenges for the use of an effective manufacturing process for biotherapeutics
4. Biosimilars – bioequivalence, formulation and methods of delivery.
5. Challenges to developing closed/automated/continuous manufacturing processes that are cGMP compliant
6. Overcoming translational barriers to ATMP development
7. Approaches to control strategy design that are clinical phase-appropriate
8. Emerging trends and technologies in ATMP research

Our current activity includes:
• the organisation of a Symposium (12th May 2021) entitled Cell and gene therapy: from concept to clinical use.
• A review of current education provision of ATMPs in the delivery of the Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science degree.
• Secure sponsorship for Essay competition entitled Towards Patient-centred Biotherapeutics

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