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We are thrilled that Dr Gabriele C. Sosso. Associate Professor in Computational Physical Chemistry. Department of Chemistry, The University of Warwick will be presenting “One Step Back, Two Steps Forward: leveraging molecular simulations to make the most of the machine learning hype” at this webinar.

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Dr Gabriele Sosso
University of Warwick

Dr Gabriele C. Sosso is an Associate Professor at the University of Warwick. He is a computational scientist focused on the physical chemistry of condensed matter, including supercooled liquids and biological interfaces. He leads the DImEnsION group at Warwick, specializing in molecular simulations of disordered systems and phase transitions. His research aims to understand the functional properties and phase transitions of complex systems, using computer simulations to complement and guide experimental work. His work spans molecular glasses to cellular membranes, with a strong emphasis on developing collaborative and multidisciplinary approaches. .