Why you should get involved?

Small is beautiful. While we are a small network there are many opportunities to develop collaborations and we are keen to support young researchers in their needs. The APS Focus groups participates in an annual symposium at the UCL School of Pharmacy which is organised by the UCL society ‘Spices and Medicines’ read more.
We organise symposia both in the area of drug development and herbal medicines research and practice.

In 2023 / 24 we are organising a session at the PharmSci International Conference 2023 in Reading (Tue 5th September -September 7th, 2023): ‘

Drug discover from Nature – Translational innovations for new anti-cancer and anti-protozoal agents?’

There also will be some shorter events and members will actively contribute to the major annual congress of the field, held in from 02.05. July in Dublin, Ireland the 71st International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research (GA) (https://www.gadublin2023.com/)
If you have an interest in the natural products and would like to contribute to the planning and delivery of our meetings then
get in touch. It is a great opportunity to network with scientists who share your interests.