Presenting Research Work

Showcase your work to appointed leaders in academia and industry

Presenting at the PharmSci conference

The Annual APS Conference provides a forum where young aspiring scientists can show case their talents alongside world leaders from academia and industry.

Present your work as a poster and be selected for a podium presentation at the conference or be judged the best poster.

PharmSci 2022- poster winners

Many congratulations to all of our poster winners.

PharmSci 2022 – Poster Winners

Photo: Left to Right :
Zoe McKinnon, Rania Mohammad Mahafdeh,
Dr Kofi Asare-Addo, Prof Hannah Batchelor,
Ayse Kaya and Anastasia Ripolin

Judges Choice Awards

Rania Mohammad Mahafdeh – “Eradication of E. coli and S. aureus by Ciprofloxacin-loaded
Zoe McKinnon – “Solubility Measurement of Poorly Soluble Drugs in Fasted State Simulated
Intestinal Fluid Reflective of In-Vivo Gastrointestinal Variability”

People’s Choice Awards

Anastasia Ripolin – “An assessment of the potential use of a 1cm2 hydrogel-forming microneedle
patch, in the weekly treatment of osteoporosis”
Ayse Kaya – “Solubility Enhancement for Zinc Dietheyldithiocarbamate for Lung Cancer Treatment”