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Delivering a presentation or information

Experienced Industrial Pharmacists  are on hand to talk individually to students about career opportunities within the Pharmaceutical industry. Workshops and presentations can be provided, on request. In 2020 we have had requests to attend a number of Universities to talk with undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in a career in the Pharmaceutical Industry.


Universities attended 2018 – 2019

Aston-30th January 2019

Aberdeen – 9th October 2018

Bath-6th March 2019

Bradford-1st November 2018

Brighton-20th March 2019


Cardiff-15th February 2019

Central Lancashire-6th February 2019

De Montfort- 28th February 2018

East Anglia-26th March 2019

Greenwich (Medway Campus)- 21st September 2018

Hertfordshire-7th March 2019

Huddersfield-13th February 2019

Keele-6th February 2019

Kingston-23rd January 2019

Lincoln-31st January 2019

Liverpool-14th November 2018

University college,London-6th February 2019

Kings College, London-6th March 2019

Manchester-20th February 2019

Liverpool John Moores-14th November 2018


Portsmouth-25th February 2019

Reading-18th February 2019

Strathclyde-19th October 2018- Not attending

Interview with Jo Craig, Chair of APS about her career in the Pharmaceutical Industry-February 2021

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Industrial Insights Conference

Two day annual conference at a major pharmaceutical company site for undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in exploring opportunities in the Pharmaceutical Industry. View the event page.

Career Opportunities

If you have opportunities that would suit undergraduate and postgraduate students we would be happy to advertise them.

Read more about careers in the pharmaceutical industry

Read more about careers in the pharmaceutical industry