Professor Mohammad Najlah

Position: Professor in pharmaceutics and nanomedicine
Categories: The APS Board

Professor Mohammad Najlah is a Professor in pharmaceutics and nanomedicine at Anglia Ruskin University

He has extensive experience as a teacher, researcher, and manager. Mohammad took a pharmacy degree followed by a postgraduate diploma (Industrial Pharmacy) at Damascus University and obtained his PhD from the University of Manchester. He has an excellent research profile focusing on the development of drug delivery nano-systems for enhanced bioavailability and optimised therapeutic effects. Working within the interface between industry and academia allows Mohammad to assimilate, then transfer knowledge between sectors to valuable effect. His research on developing scaling-up technologies for nanomedicines has attracted several collaborations with industries, which led to several KTP and KEEP+ projects funded by Innovate UK and European Regional Development Fund, respectively. Mohammad is mainly interested in repurposing safe drugs and natural compounds for anticancer therapy. He has published over 80 peer-reviewed publications in the field of pharmaceutical nanotechnology, filed a patent on novel non-toxic anticancer agents and supervised PhD students and post-doc researchers.

At ARU, Mohammad has established and grown the Pharmaceutical Research Group based entirely on externally funded projects and led the establishment of £3.4 million budgeted multifunctional Lab designed to deliver multidisciplinary education and conduct research for transitional science. He served in several managerial roles where he led the establishment of new undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and has gained extensive experience in study management, supporting research activities and identifying the individual support needs of research and ancillary staff.

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