Recognising excellence in pharmaceutical science

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Hanbury Memorial Medal and the Harrison Memorial Medal. Congratulations to the two winners: Prof Alexander (Sandy) Taylor Florence CBE and Prof Yvonne Perrie.

The Hanbury Memorial Medal Award

Following the death of Daniel Hanbury in 1875, a fund was established in his memory. The fund is used to support the award of a medal which was originally given for “high excellence in the prosecution or promotion of original research in the Natural History and Chemistry of Drugs.” Nowadays, the award is made quinquennially by the RPS to an individual with a distinguished career in the pharmaceutical sciences.

The person to whom the award is made delivers the Hanbury Memorial Lecture on a subject relating to their work in the pharmaceutical sciences, and receives the medal in Bronze.

Prof Alexander (Sandy) Taylor Florence CBE


Sandy Florence is well known internationally as one of the foremost pioneers in the pharmaceutical sciences for his research in drug delivery, surfactant systems, colloids, dendrimer and nanoparticle uptake, drug targeting and nanotechnology, which is described in more than 300 papers.

He is also renowned for his academic leadership and government committee work. Sandy graduated BSc (Pharmacy) with first class honours from the University of Glasgow in 1962, PhD in 1965 and DSc (Strathclyde) in 1984. He was Dean of The School of Pharmacy, (now the UCL School of Pharmacy) University of London from 1989-2006 having been Professor of Pharmaceutics at the University of Strathclyde since 1975.

In 1990 he co-founded the Centre for Drug Delivery Research at The School of Pharmacy. He has been a Professor Emeritus at the UCL School of Pharmacy since 2006 and holds Honorary Doctorates from Hoshi University, Tokyo and the Universities of Copenhagen, East Anglia, London and Strathclyde. He was a member of the UK Committee on Safety of Medicines for many years until 1999, and chaired its committee of Chemistry, Pharmacy and Standards. His textbooks include Surfactant Systems: their chemistry, pharmacy and biology, 1988 (with David Attwood), five editions of Physicochemical Principles of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Press (also with David Attwood), the 5th edition appearing in 2011. An Introduction to Clinical Pharmaceutics was published in 2010. He was founding co-editor with Vincent Lee of the Journal of Drug Targeting and is editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Pharmaceutics. 

Sandy is a recipient of the Journal of Drug Targeting’s Life-time Achievement Award for 2005 and in 2016 the International Journal of Pharmaceutics published a special edition in his honour. 

A past President of the Controlled Release Society, he is a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Royal Society of Edinburgh. 

The Harrison Memorial Medal Award

Following the death of Col EF Harrison, a distinguished pharmaceutical chemist, a fund was established in his memory. The fund is used to support the award of a medal.

Originally the medal was awarded every two years, the medallist also receiving a prize of books or equipment. It was open for competition among pharmacists of not more than five years’ standing. Nowadays the award is made biannually by the RPS to a mid-career RPS member who has made an outstanding contribution in advancing pharmaceutical science.

The person to whom the award is made delivers the Harrison Memorial Lecture on a subject relating to the pharmaceutical sciences, and receives the medal in silver.

Prof Yvonne Perrie


In 1998, Yvonne Perrie gained her PhD from the University of London investigating the role of liposomes for drug delivery.

She then moved to a newly established drug delivery company (Lipoxen Technologies Ltd) for two years, developing their liposome drug delivery platform technology prior to moving to academia to set up her own research group.

Yvonne joined Aston University in 2000 and was appointed to the Chair in Drug Delivery in 2007. Yvonne has been very effective in various academic and motivational leadership roles including Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching, Director of the Medicines Research Unit, and Head of Pharmacy. In 2016, Yvonne moved to the University of Strathclyde as part of their Global Talent Appointment Programme where she is continuing to develop her research strategies.

Yvonne’s research is multi-disciplinary and is focused on the development of drug delivery systems to facilitate the delivery of drugs and vaccines, thus providing practical solutions for current healthcare problems. Yvonne is an internationally recognised researcher with a strong track-record of high impact publications (current h-index 30), with approximately 100 peer reviewed manuscripts and 5 textbooks. To ensure the effective knowledge exchange and application of her research, she has generated 5 patents. 

Yvonne’s research and academic leadership have been recognised in a range of fellowships and awards including membership of the Controlled Release Society College of Fellows (2015), Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (2014), Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology (2012), Eminent Fellow of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2012), the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Pharmaceutical Scientist of the Year (2012), the British Science Festival Collaboration in Formulation Award (2011) and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Science Conference Medal (2007). Yvonne maintains a steady funding stream to support her research team and is funded through a range of sources including Government Research Councils, European Framework Funding, Industrial Partners and Charities (>£3.5 million in research funding). Yvonne has supervised 22 PhD students to successful completion (< 4 years), all of whom are now further developing their careers in either Academic or Industrial positions. Externally Yvonne has numerous strategic leadership and advisory roles: she is an expert advisor for the MHRA, Chair of Pharmacy Schools Council (Jan 2014-2017) and Editor of the Controlled Release Society Newsletter (2004 – present). Previously Yvonne has been a Director-at-Large for the Controlled Release Society (3 years) and completed 2 terms (6 years) as the Chair for the UK and Ireland Controlled Release Society. She is Editor in Chief of the Journal of Liposome Research and Pharmaceutics and Associate Editor for the Journal of Drug Targeting and the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology.